How expensive is to date an escort

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The first thing everyone thinks when they hear the word escort is definitely money, expensive, but also fun and sex, of course. Well, you are right to think that, to some extent, because, yes, they cost money, but they are not expensive, for sure, when you see what you get. Fun and sex are definitely part of the equation, especially if you get one of the ladies from the escort Paris scene. There is no way you will later say that it all wasn’t worth the money, especially when you see that people are doing it more and more. It certainly helps to know an escort and have a longer relationship with her, because it makes it easier with the business part.

So, what are the numbers?

If you are looking to get a top escort in Paris, then you should be ready to pay more, much more than usually. That is the way things work, especially when you take in count that this lady is quite something compared to other escorts. But if you go to, let’s say, a good place, where there are ladies who won’t make you a poor man, but also offer you something special, then you might enjoy the whole thing a little more. Visit the escort Paris website and you will find ladies there who are all top escorts but for a much lower price than others will ask from you. You will pay from 300 Euros upwards for a lady for an hour of her time, but there will also be some that charge less and some that charge more. There is definitely room to optimize everything for yourself, so you shouldn’t just go and pick the first one you see. When it comes down to adult entertainment, which is the most important aspect, you will see that all of them are on the top in this game and that you won’t be able to get what they offer anywhere else in the world.

Dating an escort

If you are looking for dating an escort, then things can get a little more expensive. First of all you need to pay the lady for her time, but as longer you stay together the hourly price decreases. For example, if you pay the lady 200 Euros per hour, for a whole day you won’t be paying her 4800, but rather 1500 to 2000 Euros. The escort platform is amazing and you will see it yourself.

There are also the costs of the date, the gift, the meals, drinks, transportation and everything else. If you want an escort from Paris to come to you in New York for some adult entertainment, then you are expected to cover her travel costs. But if you can afford it, then it is definitely worth your money and no one can say otherwise. No one can put a price on the escort Paris experience, because it is something special that you cannot get anywhere else in the world. So go there, see if you can afford a lady and if yes, then you should do that.